Weaving knowledge:
On this day, an internal meeting will be held with the former participants of the FIMI Research Program, with the following objectives:

  • To create a space to share experiences for a collective reflection on best practices for the training processes of FIMI’s research program, as well as to evaluate the impacts and results achieved.
  • To collectively identify strategic and methodological opportunities to strengthen the Research and Knowledge Exchange program.
  • To further establish intercultural research as a healing and transforming political action, from the personal and collective levels and as Indigenous researchers.
The researchers will receive a direct invitation from FIMI to participate in this first day. There will be no public invitation.
Gathering of
On the second day, the doors will be open to external researchers for the exchange of knowledge between Indigenous researchers and other actors in research and knowledge production, through an interscientific dialogue.
We will begin with a space for spiritual harmonization and some opening words by FIMI. Then, we continue with a panel made up of indigenous experts with vast experience in intercultural research processes. This panel will intend to establish the context and framework for the whole Gathering, and to introduce the thematic which will be worked on during the round tables, with the following objectives:

  • To highlight knowledge materials from the different areas of FIMI.
  • To establish relationships between researchers through dialogue and the exchange of knowledge, experiences, methodologies and best practices surrounding intercultural research.
  • To present intercultural research as a tool for advocacy, highlighting its political potential, positioning it as a transformative and decolonial methodological process with the aim of restoring and promoting the individual and collective rights of Indigenous Women and Peoples.
  • To formulate specific recommendations for the continued actualization of the methodology and the strengthening of intercultural research, and to contribute to epistemic justice and the desired transformation in the different political spaces.
The third and last day will start with a summary of what was discussed the previous day, after which the last round tables will take place. There will then be a closing plenary discussion. The event will be concluded with a space for spiritual harmonization and a group experience (farewell cocktail, music).